Pulau Perhentian Besar - Street Food / Restaurants

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Accommodation: Cocohut Chalet

Abdul's has a great deal for their nightly BBQ seafood, 15RM-25RM for your choice of BBQ and plenty of side dishes (you can get as much as you want). Their garlic bread is simple and amazing.
Arwana Resort, East end of the South beach (jump off airplane in tt corner). The resort has two restaurants, one serving a la carte, the other as a deli buffet. Prices are quite high, but if you have breakfast/lunch/dinner coupons, the food is great. There is usually a BBQ at dinner times serving fish, squid, chicken, and beef.

Florabay Restaurant, In the middle of Flora bay resort. The restaurant offers good food at good prices. RM8 for a dish of chicken fried rice, and RM11 for fried prawns with mashed potatoes.

Teluk KK, at the southwestern tip of the island near Teluk Keke. This little place is frequented mostly by locals and serves basic food - don't expect super tasty dishes. 5-6 RM.


Watercolours Restaurant. serves chilled beer

New Cocohut. serves chilled beer. Cost about 7-8 ringgit

Tuna Bay
. serves chilled beer. Cost about 7-8 ringgit


Lily's on Pasir Panjang (Long Beach) is a great place to chill out and drink an expensive beer (or a relatively cheap bottle of Thai Song and coke).