Street Food / Restaurants

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Batu Buruk Food Centre - One of the best food centres is Batu Buruk Food Centre in a pleasant outdoor location near the beach; don't leave without trying the famous ais-krim goreng (fried icecream). There's a night market along the beachfront nearby every Friday evening; it's a great place to sample delicious snacks, including kerepok, satay and a huge array of sweets - Town Centre near Pantai Batu Buruk

MD Curry House - Popular travellers hang-out offering tasty, traditional banana-leaf curries and other Indian specialities - Jalan Kampung Dalam Town Centre

Ping Anchorage Travellers Café - Inviting little café under the same management as the neighbouring travel agency. Noodles, omelettes, and burgers and chips are on the menu, and it's also a good place to relax with a drink and meet up with fellow travellers - 77A Jalan Sultan Salaiman Town Centre

Restoran Golden Dragon - This excellent, and regularly crowded, restaurant serves a wide array of Chinese food; the fish is particularly good, and beer is also available - 198 Jalan Kampung Cina Chinatown

Restoran Ocean - A very good Chinese restaurant specialising in seafood. It's a big place, with big, family-sized tables, though it seldom gets too crowded. It's also a good place to enjoy a few beers - 2079 Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin Town Centre

Terapung Puteri - Busy Malay restaurant perched on stilts, kampung-style, on the seafront next to the jetty. There's a huge menu, with fish, prawns and crab featuring heavily, as well as local items such as kerepok and a few 'Western' dishes - Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin Town Centre

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