Getting Around

Date Links: Thu 09/06

Accommodation: Hotel Grand Continental

Taxi - Kuala Terengganu’s main taxi stand is near the bus station. Regular taxi destinations include Marang (RM15), Kota Bharu (RM80), Kuala Besut (RM60), Rantau Abang (RM40), Merang (RM35) and Tasik Kenyir (RM60). Some long-distance taxis leave from a stand on Jln Masjid Abidin.

Air - Malaysia Airlines +62-2-1415; 13 Jln Sultan Omar) has direct flights daily to/from KL (RM184); Air Asia +63-1-3122; Jln Sultan Omar has two flights daily to KL (RM89 to RM129).

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