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Hartamas Square

A huge covered hawker court with sports on big TV screens, cold beers and a mass of hawker stalls serving excellent grilled fish, noodles, fried rice, curries and other Malay Chinese treats. The most fun place to dine in Desa Sri Hartamas

Desa Sri Hartamas, Jalan 23/70a, W of Kuala Lumpur

Hawker Stalls in Chinatown - 

Chinatown has some of the best street food in KL. From late afternoon the pavements along Jln Sultan and Jln Tun HS Lee fill with plastic chairs and tables, and mobile kitchens are set up in the street, serving an astonishing array of Malay and Chinese dishes. Many of the food stalls stay open till midnight or later and you can get a filling meal of rice and spicy stir-fried beef with a cold beer for as little as around RM20. 

Everything is prepared fresh so the food is almost always safe to eat, but stick to stalls with lots of customers 

Jalan Sultan & Jalan Tun HS Lee, Chinatown

Jalan Alor - KL's biggest collection of roadside restaurants sprawls along Jln Alor, just north of Jln Bukit Bintang. From around 17:00 till late every evening, the street transforms into a continuous open-air restaurant, with hundreds of plastic tables and chairs and rival caterers shouting out to passers-by to drum up business.

Most places serve alcohol and you can sample pretty much every Malay Chinese dish imaginable, from grilled fish and satay to kai-lan (Chinese greens) in oyster sauce and fried noodles with frogs' legs. The best way to experience the food street is to stroll along looking at the signs and the dishes on the tables to see what takes your fancy.

Stalls to look out for include: 1+1, good for 'drunken' chicken mee (noodles) with rice wine, Hong Kong dim sum and wantons; Wong Ah Wah, good for spicy chicken wings, grilled seafood, tofu and satay; and the unnamed but ever-popular frog porridge stall - you can choose to have 'spicy' where the frogs legs are served separate or 'non-spicy' where they're mixed in with the tasty rice gruel 

Jalan Telawi 4 & Jln Maroof Hawker Court - Has tempting take-away food stalls serving up local fare - Junction of Jalan Telawi 4 & Jalan Maroof, Bangsar Baru 

Kampung Baru Hawker Stalls - 

Saturday evening is the best time to eat in Kampung Baru, when dozens of hawker stalls set up around Jalan Raja Muda Musa for the weekly pasar malam , which rolls through till early Sunday morning. You can find all sorts of Malay specialities here, from ikan panggang (grilled skate) to rojak (spicy fruit-and-vegetable salad), and the night market positively crackles with energy - Around Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru

Puduraya Hawker Court -  The cheapest place for hawker food is this bustling food centre inside the Puduraya Bus Stand. A bowl of spicy tom yam soup will set you back just RM5 - Puduraya Bus Stand, Jalan Cheng Lock, Menara Maybank Area

Pusat Makanan Peng Hwa - KL has dozens of intriguing, off-the-beaten-track places to eat - our favourite is the permanent hawker court at Pudu Market, known locally as Pusat Makanan Peng Hwa. This congregation of cooks sprawls beneath a gigantic tin roof behind the wet and dry market. The pavilion is as big as an aircraft hangar - fans on the ceiling whir ineffectually, failing almost completely to drive away the tropical fug. Nevertheless, as the sun sets, this is the place to be.

The hundred or so plastic tables and chairs fill suddenly with locals ordering big bottles of ice-cold Tiger beer and bags of Chinese marinated sunflower seeds. Waitresses in matching T-shirts fight their way through the crowds, crunching over the discarded sunflower husks with trays of beer and mugs of teh tarik . Foreigners are a rarity here - diners at the surrounding tables cast curious looks but raise their glasses in greeting as soon as you make eye contact. Come with some friends and make a night of it.

The food stalls around the edge of the hanger serve excellent noodles, wanton soups, fried rice, stir-fries and grilled seafood, all at bargain prices. Finish with a huge mound of ice kacang (shaved ice, syrup, sweet beans and fruit) then jump on the last LRT train home - Pudu Market, Jalan Pasar Baru, Pudu

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