Kota Bharu - Street Food / Restaurants

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Nasi berlaukNasi Dagang and nasi kerabu are popular local cuisine. Kelantanese also have a liking for sweet cakes or kuih. These include apomakoklompat tikamnetbakpisang gorengcurry puff and much more.

Chinese Night Market - 

The so-called Chinese night market takes over much of Jln Kebun Sultan in the evenings, with numerous hawker stalls selling hot snack foodJalan Kebun Sultan Town Centre - GPS: 6.132256,102.243962

Night Market - The best and cheapest Malay food in town is found at the night market: look for the yellow arch reading 'Medan Selera MPKB'. The stalls are set up in the evening around 17:00 and there's a wide variety of regional specialities on offer, including ayam percik (marinated chicken on bamboo skewers) and nasi kerabu (rice with coconut, fish and spices). Unusual options include blue rice, squid-on-a-stick and banana murtabak.

Bear in mind, though, that the whole thing closes down for evening prayers between 19:00 and 19:45, and Muslims and non-Muslims alike must vacate the premises. The market closes around 02:00 off Jalan Pintu Pong Town Centre - GPS: 6.130989,102.239459

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