Kota Bharu - Getting Around

Date Links: Sun 05/06

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The taxi stand is on the southern side of the central bus station. Avoid the unlicensed cab drivers who will pester you here and elsewhere around town, and take an official taxi as these are cheaper and safer. If you’re heading for Kuala Besut, en route to the Perhentians, the tourist office recommends calling Adi 013-985 8603, a reliable, English-speaking taxi driver.

Taxi costs per car include Butterworth RM200, KL RM250, Kuala Besut RM35 and Kuala Terengganu RM90.

Those who plan to catch an early morning train should arrange for the taxi to Wakaf Baharu the night before they plan to leave, as it’s extremely difficult to find a taxi on the street in the early morning.

The airport is 9km from town. You can take bus 9 from the old central market; a taxi costs RM15.

Most city buses leave from the middle of the old central market, on the Jalan Hilir Pasar side, or from opposite the Bazaar Buluh Kubu.

Trishaws can still be seen on the city streets, though they are not as common as they once were. Prices are negotiable but reckon on around RM5 and upwards for a short journey of up to 1km.

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