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Hanoi has rich food traditions and many of Vietnam's most famous dishes, such as phởchả cábánh cuốn and cốm are thought to come from Hanoi. Perhaps most widely known is Phở, a simple rice noodle soup often eaten as a breakfast dish in the home or at streetside cafes, but also served in restaurants as a meal. Two varieties dominate the Hanoi scene: Phở Bò, containing beef, and Phở Gà, containing chicken.

Hanoi has been selected as one of the top 10 cities for food in the world by Shermans Travel. Vietnam's national dish Phở has been also named as one of the Top 5 streetfood in the world by globalpost.

Green Tangerine -

The chaotic Old Quarter is not known for refined dining experiences, but Green Tangerine is the shining exception. It occupies a 1928 French townhouse sheltered behind a loggia and a front courtyard. It provides asylum for foreign gastronomes, with superb food, elegant presentation, a commendable wine list and fine service. Reserve for a romantic dinner, or drop by for a leisurely lunch48 Pho Hang Be Old Quarter - GPS: 21.032191,105.853969

Highlands Coffee -

Aboard a big old ferry boat, Highlands gets you out on the water without actually setting sail. Its decks offer a fine vantage point and a chance to catch a refreshing breeze while enjoying smoothies, shakes and ice cream. You can also order a light meal or breakfast. The signature product, of course, is coffee34 Thanh Nien West Lake - GPS: 21.05019,105.839565

Pho Gia Truyen -

The perfect broth for pho (rice-noodle soup) should look as though it was ladled from the river. It's opaque and brownish after beef bones have boiled in it for hours. Some places try to take the mystery out of pho by serving weak, see-through broths, but here you get the good stuff. Once you've experienced it you'll understand why some can't start their day without a bowl49 Bat Dan Old Quarter - GPS: 21.033648,105.846118

Banh Cuon Gia Truyen -

You might have to squeeze your way into a chair during the morning rush, but once you're settled, you'll simply have your food put in front of you, no questions asked. Delicate and tasty banh cuon (silky steamed rice crepes filled with minced pork, mushrooms and ground shrimp), served hot off the screen on which they are steamed, is about all they do here - and they do it well14 Pho Hang Ga Old Quarter - GPS: 21.033873,105.837302

Dragon Boat - 

It can be quite a hoot having dinner aboard a boat painted to look like a dragon as it tools around West Lake. The menu emphasises seafood but generally covers the Vietnamese staples, including novel snake and pigeon platters. Vegetarians will have much to choose from. If you're travelling with a group, you can charter the entire boat for around ₫600,000.

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