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ANZ Bank - 825-8190 - 14 Pho Le Thai To - 8.30am-4pm Mon-Fri - On the western edge of Hoan Kiem Lake, this international bank has cash advances in dong and dollar with a 24-hour ATM.

Industrial & Commercial Bank - 825-4276 - 37 Pho Hang Bo - In a convenient location in the Old Quarter, it cashes travellers cheques at the standard 0.5% commission for dong, 1.25% for US dollars and 3% for credit-card cash advances.

Vietcombank - Pho Hang Bai - 826-8031 - 2 Pho Hang Bai Pho Tran Quang Khai - 826-8045 -198 Pho Tran Quang Khai - The towering HQ is located a few blocks east of Hoan Kiem Lake and it has an ATM and offers most currency services. Several smaller branches are scattered around town, including a handy one on Pho Hang Bai, near Hoan Kiem Lake.


In both Ha Noi and HCMC (Saigon) always carry small denominational notes (10,000 - 50,000) so they can be readily given in payment - there have been many reports that some unscrupulous taxi drivers and cyclo operators quickly snatch a large denominational note and just keep it without giving any change, denying that it was of the larger value. 

Vietnamese Notes - A very rough guide as at 01/01/2011, when selling AUD1.00 in Vietnam was VND21,254.42...

 10,000  0.50
 20,000  1.00
 50,000  2.50
 100,000  5.00
 200,000 10.00
 500,000 25.00


  • Travelers are frequently led to foreign currency exchange venues by airport bus drivers. At these exchanges they are given a poor exchange rate, e.g., 15,000 VD for AUD1.00 rather than the standard rate at Vietcombank. In addition the driver receives a commission from the foreign exchange seller.
  • Be aware of the denomination of Vietnam Dongs which consist of many zeros. Some unscrupulous drivers try to rip you off by adding one more zero to your fare or cheating that your VND500,000 note is only VND50,000. i.e overcharges you 10 times higher than actual cost.

  • There are imitated VND notes printed for ritual purposes, but some taxi drivers will cheat you by giving these notes back as small changes - (see image above) the comments on the notes read (top): the name of the bank should be Ngan Hang Nha Nuoc Vietnam, and (bottom): the image should be of Ho Chi Minh.

  • Also - tourists are prey to pickpockets when they travel to the market/s.

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