Ha Noi - Shopping

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Cocoon -

The contemporary designs in this smart and charming little shop are quite striking. Silk garments for women are the mainstay, and these typically update traditional Vietnamese motifs. Many of the pant-and-shirt ensembles feature jazzed-up patterns and florid colours and convey the fluid beauty of the ao dai (Vietnamese national dress) without the formality. Original jewellery is also sold here for very little money 

30 Pho Nha Chung Nha Tho Area - GPS: 21.028155,105.849707

F Silk -

If you're making the silk shop rounds, make sure you include this super shop, which has an endless selection of well-designed garments 82 Pho Hang Gai Old Quarter - GPS: 21.0317,105.849908

Mosaique -

You could walk right by this nondescript shop without peeking inside. But once you're in, you're likely to examine every piece of merchandise before leaving. The shelves feature a little of everything, all in original designs - silks, décor, homeware, jewelery - and enticingly presented. You can also buy inexpensive silk-lined gift boxes 22 Pho Nha Tho Nha Tho Area - GPS: 21.028866,105.849878

Nguyen Frères -

Finely selected antiques, quality reproductions and stylish silks are attractively displayed in this beautiful two-storey shop, which projects a sophisticated and appealing hybrid of Asian and European aesthetics. Cool Deco lamps, groovy print scarves, old Buddhas, French Catholic statuettes and H'mong textiles are just some of the items sold here. The shopkeepers will offer you hot tea, to induce you to linger awhile 5 Pho Hai Ba Trung French Quarter - GPS: 21.023093,105.856855

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