Gunung Gading - Culture & Sightseeing

Date Links: Wed 25/05 │ Thu 26/05

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There is a nominal entry fee for all National Parks in Sarawak. Check with the National Parks Booking Office in Kuching for the latest fee structure - RM 10 as of 12/10. Entrance fees are paid upon arrival at the park HQ. A permit is required for professional filming, which should be arranged in advance with the National Parks Booking Office.

The Waterfall Trail - This is the easiest and shortest trail in the park. The trail follows a river and passes seven waterfalls, although not all of the waterfalls are accessible. Waterfalls 1, 3 and 7 are signposted. If you need to break the trek up, waterfall 3 provides a pleasant resting spot. It is only a 10 metre detour from the main trail. The whole trail passes through some great jungle scenery before reaching the final waterfall, and a perfect dip pool surrounded by forest. Time from HQ: 1 Hour to Waterfall 7  Colour Code: Red & White

Gunung Gading Summit Trail - First follow the red and white Waterfall Trail until you reach the junction for the seventh waterfall. The trail’s marking then changes to yellow and red. This is the start of Gunung Gading Summit Trail. From the junction it takes another two and a half hours to reach the summit, which was the location of a British army camp during the communist insurgency of the 1960’s. The remnants of the camp - a helicopter pad, water tank and barbed wire fencing - still remain to this day, and appear somewhat out of place in the middle of a national park. However, they are of historical significance and the park staff intend to preserve the summit area as it has been for the last 30 years. It is essential that visitors return to the park HQ the same day, either directly or via a side trek to Batu Berkubu (see below). Visitors are not permitted to camp overnight in the forest for conservation and security reasons. Time from HQ: 3 1/2 hours  Colour Code: Yellow & Red

Batu Berkubu - 
Batu Berkubu, on the slopes of Gunung Sebuloh, served as communist base camp during the insurgency. Although it is often called a cave it is in fact a huge rock which along with the surrounding trees provides a cave-like sheltering area. The trek from the Summit of Gunung Gading to Batu Berkubu is relatively easy, taking about 2 hours to cross a valley. Time from HQ: 5  1/2 hours Colour CodeRed & Blue