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Jackie Maud

Telstra:  +61-(0)-4-1910-6566 - When not Over There

Telkom: +62-(0) To Be Advised - Indonesia

Maxis:    +60-(0) To Be Advised - Malaysia

Skype:   jackie.maud (voice & video)


Gary Cameron

Telstra:  +61-(0)-4-0600-8995 - When not Over There

Telkom: +62-(0) To Be Advised - Indonesia

Maxis:    +60-(0) To Be Advised - Malaysia

Skype:    gary.cameron34 (voice & video)



Whilst we're Over There we will be using SIM cards that we've purchased from local carriers... who wouldn't at AUD 0.34 per minute locally, compared to A$2.45 p/m to Australia; and, A$0.85 p/m & A$2.40 p/call set-up fee to receive calls using Telstra - Plus the roaming cost?

At Home


Surface/Air:Jackie Maud & Gary Cameron
                    PO Box 3110
                    IVANHOE NORTH VIC 3079

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