2013 B - Malaysia | Hong Kong | Mainland China | Singapore

Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter ~ Izaak Walton

Welcome to our travel itinerary for our 2013 trip to Mainland China.

This is a short synopsis of our travels between the 21st of August [which is not coincidentally our Wedding Anniversary] and the 15th of September, 2013; where: on our departure from Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport with Emirates to KLIAa stop-over then on to Hong Kong; Guangzhou; Xi'an; Beijing; Qingdao; and, Shanghai and take in Singapore before returning home... so initially we...

    • Stay a couple of nights at the Putrajaya Shangrila and do a bit of shopping in KL.
    • We then fly with Malaysia Airlines to Hong Kong and stay at the Island Shangri-la for four nights before...
    • Boarding the Kitt Train at Hong Hum Station in Kowloon to travel to Guangzhou on the mainland for a three night stay at the Shangri-la
    • The rest of our travelling in Mainland China will be on the 'bullet trains' staying for three nights in Xi'an; Beijing; Qingdao; and, Shanghai with accommodation exclusively with Shangri-La (I guess you could say we really love this hotel chain).
    • We'll board the famed Maglev high-speed train (430+kph) to take us to Pudong International Airport to fly with Singapore Airlines to Singapore and stay another three nights at (you guessed it) Shangri-La, Singapore.
    • We'll catch the EK404 back to Melbourne late Saturday night and arrive back on Sunday morning.

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